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Let´s get to know: Broumovsko

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At the beginning there are a few numbers:

Center town : Broumov
The first historical note : about year 1220
Transport: bus and railway station Broumov, airport for small and sport planes
The tophill of Broumovska vrchovina: Ruprechtický špičák, 881 m.n.m.
Watershed: The Baltic and The North Sea
Number of summer days: 10 - 30
Number of frost days: 140 - 160
Average temperature in July: 15-16 stupňů C
Average number of days with rainfall of 1mm and more: 120-130
Number of days with snow cover: 100 - 120

From the book : Horst Bauer - Country of my life - Broumovsko


We can say about Broumov Region there´s nothing but rocks :-). And that is true. There are Rock Towns Adršpach and Teplice in the north-west, Ostaš with Labyrint in the south-west of these country. Broumov Rocky Ridges go from town Police nad Metují all way to village Božanov, where they extend to National Park Góry Stolowie in Poland. Even 50 m high sand cliffs sometimes follow deep chasms and narrow canyons, where ice can keep until July. There are many turist and cycling ways of different level through all interesting places.
We can follow rich fauna and flora, too. In this small region we can find out plants typical for cold climate as well as plants of sunny meadows. Broumov Region also abounds in so many numbers of wild animals. If we are lucky we can hear deer´s trumpeting in the late evening or in the earlier morning through all Broumov Region in autumn.

Broumov Region isn´t hit by light smog as much as another areas so we can follow night sky very well when the weather condition is good.



More than two kilometers long way goes uphill from the village Bozanov to the beautiful, dominant top of Broumov Rocky Ridges, called Koruna. Benefit for the steep climbing is amazing view of not only all Bozanov but of Polish part of Clifs with hill Hejsovina. If there is good weather condition we can see top of Kralicky Sneznik, too.
On Saturday, 26th October, 2013, such strong wind blowed at the top of Koruna I couldn´t stand fast on my feet, so I wasn´t able to take any good photos at the top.
I´m only sending a few snaps from the autumn way up.

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