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"I can still smell the fresh paint...the china had never been used...the sheets had never been slept in...Titanic was called the Ship of Dreams...and it was...it really was." the old surviving lady from upper class socialite, Rose DeWitt Bukater, says in the famous James Cameron´s film The Titanic.

On 10th April 2017, it will be 105 years ago when the Titanic left Southampton on 10th April 1912 to go to New York as fast as it is possible. The first four days on the sea were idylic and restfull. But on 14th April at night it completely changed ...
And by December of this year, it will have been 20 years ago from the premiere of James Cameron´s film
The Titanic with Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio in main roles.

RMS Titanic - picture from the website Ultimative Titanic.

There are lot of information and articles, photos and videos on this website. So read and see the story about one of the most admirable ship - the Ultimate Titanic


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